About the Collective
The Autistic Spectrum Collective (formely the Asperger’s Collective) was born in 2016 out of the need for resources and services, in particular the provision of social opportunities, for autistic adults both pre and post-diagnosis. It is run purely by volunteers who have a lived experience of autism or a personal diagnosis.

We work alongside the NHS (Mersey Care) Autistic Spectrum Diagnosis Service, who partially fund our work, to provide a space and support for our service users and their carers.

Our key focus is to extend their social circle, which can be extremely limited for some, and reduce their isolation. Our provision is based on a monthly cycle of events and activities run by the trustees and other volunteers, who have a lived experience of autism either as carers of people with ASC or those with an ASC diagnosis themselves.

We seek to promote what we do as a potential model of support, which people in other locations could use.