The main part of the Autistic Spectrum Collective are the Drop-In Sessions were many things go on:


At the Drop-In Sessions, we come together – no matter where we are from, in a safe environment with like-minded others, to interact, engage in activities such as having a chat over a cup of tea or coffee or engaging in board games such as chess and Scrabble.

Seek Advice

There are opportunities for you to seek specific advice and have informal conversations with representatives from Mersey Care Autistic Spectrum Conditions Service (diagnosis, health and support); the Department of Work and Pensions (in relation to benefits, including PIP and employment) and the Whitechapel Centre (housing).


Attendees can take part in one of our workshops, which are frequently devised, developed and run by service users themselves. Recent workshops have included Drama, Singing, Film Appreciation, Hula Hooping and Shared Reading sessions. A different workshop is run each month.

Relaxing Environment

At the Drop-In sessions everybody is friendly and welcoming. People come to have a drink and a chat, but if things get too overwhelming, there is also a quiet room to escape to and there is the opportunity have a neck and shoulder massage with a professional masseuse. Reservations for a massage are on a first come first serve basis.

Carers Meet Up

There is also a specific session for carers and family members who need to talk to others and compare experiences on dealing with challenging situations.

When do the Drop Ins take place?

The Drop-Ins are held on the last Friday of every month from 1:30pm to 4:00pm. If you are interested in attending a Drop-In, then click on the link below to find the date for the next one.

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